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Community Development

Akwaaba is helping to raise funds for the building of the following projects in the community of Taifa, on the outskirts of Accra, Ghana:
Schools. Nursery, Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary.  Cost (£500,000).
HospitalThe community has none at present.
Orphanage.  To provide a home for street children.
Printing Press.
Sponsorship.  Providing a salary for pastors and  community workers in the remote villages. Needy orphans and individuals in the community are also receiving sponsorship to enable them to receive vocational training and to provide them with safe,  secure accommodation.


The Aofas Centre is based in Abofu, an urban poor community in Achimota,
Accra with a population of about  5,000.  Many children in this community roam about pilfering from the neighbourhood or searching the rubbish dumps.  Others are involved in child labour.  The male youth smoke hard drugs whilst many of the girls  who are vulnerable get pregnant as a result of deprivation and abuse.  Counselling has created in the youth an awareness of the health and social hazards but there remains a need for training in development activities forsustainable development.  The Aofas Centre aims to empower these youth and children to develop their skills in a more functional way to benefit themselves, their family and community.  With this in view, the centre provides meaningful recreational activities such as
library reading, short story writing, quizzes, competitions, indoor and
outdoor games.  Counselling is offered to children and parents.  Vocational training is given in mat weaving, bead work, twining, knitting and
crocheting, baking, batik making, tie and dye.  Also included in the
programme is food processing and fruit juice extraction.The Centre works in line with UNICEF,s policy aimed at children's survival and well being through an education  for development programme.